Remaining Competitive in the Toy Industry

The toy industry news and developments encompass much more than what can be found at an actual toy store. Baby furniture, strollers, car seats, monitors, and apparel all fall under the category of toys. Decorations and accessories for the nursery and toddler bedroom are included as well. The wide variety of professionals needed for all those components, designers, engineers, project managers, packaging supervisors, marketing professionals, and quality assurance personnel, among others are in demand.
Today’s Market Kids and teenagers have ever-declining attention spans so new products have to be available all the time. Items that capture attention one month are just as likely to be in a bargain bin as they are on the top seller list the next month. Creativity, innovation, and coming up with the next hottest toy, video game, or skateboard graphic are needed to compete in the market of toys today. Vacant positions in key roles will diminish the capability of a company to compete on the …